{Katie’s desk featuring Design Darling monogrammed pencil cup}

One of my oldest series on the blog is Desk Du Jour, where I’d share a favorite workspace and occasionally a few products to help achieve the same look. I’m anxious to bring it back as a regular feature (especially now that I’m trying to post twice a day again!) but this time I need your help. I’m dying to see where you work — whether it’s a cubicle or a spot in your apartment — and how you’ve made your workspace a colorful and stylish place to get productive. Each week I’ll feature a favorite or two with a link to your blog if applicable. 

Have a cute desktop you care to share? Email your name, blog, and a quality (preferably non-Instagram, at least 500px wide) image to I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Desk Du Jour

It has much too long since I’ve done a desk du jour post! When I spotted this lovely little desktop here, I knew it would be perfect inspiration for a cozy Sunday… 
Black and white plans for something surely fabulous, a pretty crystal lamp, gold-bound books… I think my quartz votive holders would fit right in with this pretty muted palette. What do you think of this space? Stay tuned for more desk du jour eye candy in the coming weeks!

Desk Du Jour {Poppin!}

You already know I’m in love with Poppin, so please imagine my utter delight when they reached out about collaborating on a desk du jour feature here on Design Darling! These pictures of Public Relations Director Meredith Zenkel’s desk had me beaming from ear to ear…
Ta da — instant inspiration for the cubicle-bound! A colorful inspiration board, fresh flowers, and a lime green file cabinet make Meredith’s workspace creative and functional.
A close-up of Meredith’s current inspirations! I spy Andy Warhol and Hermès — how’s that for a little mid-day creative boost?
This wouldn’t be Poppin if it weren’t stocked with colorful and contemporary office supplies! I’m dying to make this calculator ($7) and these scissors ($8) to my collection. 
You know I love a monogram — and what better way to personalize your workspace than with your very own initials? Switch that “Z” to an “H” and I’d gladly trade desks 😉
– – – 
Thanks Poppin for the fun sneak peek into this fabulous desk du jour! What do you think and how does your workspace stack up?


Pairing colors for a new product I’m working on // My new favorite planner and pen
Coach and Rory’s usual perch // New turquoise tray on my bedside table
Pillows galore // Tidying my closet and realizing just how much blue I really own

I think most people who read my blog would be surprised at how messy I am in real life. While I’m drawn to organized office spaces, my own is absolutely out of control, especially with new inventory for the holidays arriving each day. Maybe I’ll start a new organizing feature here on the blog? In the mean time, do tell me: Are you messy or tidy? What are the most and least organized spaces in your home? Where could you use the most help?

Three Tricks For Decorating Your Desktop

It’s bright and early and for most of you that means time to head to work! Having seen the inside of a cubicle or two myself (and, truthfully, never wanting to return), I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tricks for transforming your workspace.

1. First of all, add color. There’s no reason your desk needs to be as drab as your cubicle mate’s! File folders and lacquer boxes will help you get organized and provide a pretty pop of your favorite color.

2. Second, make it personal. The monogrammed desk accessories in my new boutique are a great place to start, but I also recommend bringing in a couple framed family photos and changing your desktop picture to a favorite shot from a recent vacation. You spend enough time at your desk — it might as well be a place that makes you happy!

3. Third, keep it clean — especially if your desk is in plain view of your boss or your clients. That means stacks of papers find their way into a (preferably hot pink!) file folder, stray supplies get tucked into a desk drawer, and every item on your desktop serves a distinct purpose. You’re not styling a coffee table — decorative objects have little place on an organized desktop. But replacing your ugly black tape dispenser with a pretty acrylic option? Now we’re talking.

– – – 

Of course these tricks are equally well applied to a home office (and I’d do well to follow my own advice!). If you need more inspiration, check out my “desk du jour” features (can you tell I have an office obsession?). What are your tricks for organizing your office space — and how does your desktop stack up?