I’m revamping my interview series in order to invite more of my favorite people to tell you a little about themselves. Today I’m delighted to be hosting Bradley Agather, a 25-year-old Dallas fashion maven whose blog Luella & June is one of the first I check in my Google Reader each morning. Bradley is a fashion editor for the Dallas Morning News and has killer personal style (hello, have you seen her What I Love Right Now feature?). Most importantly she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve gotten to know through blogging and I’m thrilled to have her kick off this next wave of interviews on Design Darling! 

bradley agather interview

bradley agather interview
It’s a mix. I’m definitely drawn to classic pieces (a tailored blazer in my closet or D. Porthault linens in my home) but I always mix it up. I’ll add a touch of femininity along with some edge too. And of course I love to incorporate color whenever I can. 

bradley agather interview
It’s home. I was born and raised in Dallas. Even when I wasn’t living here, Dallas always felt like home. I love all of the fun stuff that Dallas has to offer (and there’s plenty of that!) but, at the end of the day, what I love most is the feeling of home. It’s where my roots are. 

bradley agather interview
{Design Darling vases in Bradley’s home office!}

bradley agather interview
I’m so blessed to get to do what I do. Between the blog and my job at Dallas Morning News, I’m constantly in this creative environment. I get to work with some of the most talented people. I’m always learning new things from them.

bradley agather interview
To stay organized, I use all sorts of tools. iCal is my best friend, and I’m never without my notebook that keeps my to-do list. I also really try to set aside time (usually Sunday afternoons) every week simply for organizing. The inspiration part comes easily. Pinterest, blogs, magazines, just taking a walk around Dallas — there’s no shortage of inspiration! 

bradley agather interview
{Bradley’s coffee table. Quite the collection!}

bradley agather interview
Coffee table books. 

bradley agather interview
An iced coffee and a crossword. 

bradley agather interview
I wish I had a three year plan! I know I should but right now I’m just focusing on this year. And my goal for 2012 is balance. I want to figure out just the right recipe for my work/life balance. I’m just starting my new job at the Dallas Morning News and it’s one that allows more time to focus on Luella & June projects. So I guess that’s a good start!

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Neither Here Nor There

Just a few life updates and fleeting thoughts on this lovely long weekend… 

1. My first week of work is behind me and I can’t tell you how much I love Bollare. I’m working with really cool people and really cool brands (here, here, and here — lend them a “like,” won’t you?) and I’m learning something new every day. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

2. My brother Grayson is getting ready to apply to college and it’s bringing back all sorts of memories. I want him to wind up at Bucknell so badly but I think it’s best not to push the issue.

3. Knowing that some of my friends are back at school and I’m out in the real world is such a strange feeling. Seeing pictures of rush festivities pop up on Facebook definitely tugged at my heartstrings. But I’m really happy with where I am right now — and there’s always Homecoming!

4. Confession: I’ve spent hours researching apartments in New York even though I know I can’t afford to move into the city right away. It’s just fun to know what’s out there! 

5. On a related note, the worst part of working in New York is my commute from Connecticut. An hour train ride each way plus time on the subway. The bright side, though, is plenty of time to read books and magazines. I finished Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell this week and I highly recommend it.

6. I’m insanely and unattractively jealous of everyone who’s going to New York Fashion Week. Seeing a show is on my 101 in 1001 list and I’m determined to make it happen in time for next year.

7. I’m not sure where my new Tumblr is headed but I’m loving it so far! Won’t you follow along? Remember, you can ask me anything! I’ve already gotten a few questions ranging from advice for studying abroad to how to store makeup.

8. I have a couple really fun interviews lined up to bring Design Dialogues back with a bang this fall. It’s my way of bringing you original content without having my boyfriend follow me around with a camera documenting my outfit changes 😉

– – –

I’m kind of all over the place today, huh? What’s new with all of you?

101 in 1001: Update No. 1

A few of you indicated in my reader survey that you’d like to hear about the progress I’m making on my 101 in 1001 list. I’m happy to report that I’ve completed ten of my goals since January 1! If you figure I have to complete one task every ten days, I’m right on track!
1. Come up with 101 things.

2. Inspire someone else to write a 101 in 1001 list (Roxy from My Cup Of Te).

7. Redesign my blog as a reflection of my personal style (thank you, Hanna!).

8. Tie up loose ends: business cards, favicon, and Facebook and Twitter pages.

9. Launch an inspiring interview series called The Design Dialogues!

14. Take on an interior design client (hi, Christine!).

28. Upgrade to the iPhone.

64. Try one totally-out-of-my-comfort-zone exercise class.

89. See one (or six) of my sister’s Amherst softball games.

91. Try five new-to-me foods: beans, brussel sprouts, edamame, grapefruit, sushi.

– – – 

There’s another handful of tasks that I’ve started on and I feel great about the progress I’m making! Do any of you have a similar list? I would LOVE to see!

Lately Loving…

The circular shape breaks up the straight lines of a fireplace and a desk, creating an organic and undecorated look that I just love.

P.S. The third edition of The Design Dialogues is coming at you first thing tomorrow morning! Just wait ’til you see who’s featured…!